How International Investors Will Help the US Real Estate Market

World Map as Jigsaw PuzzleThe United States has the lowest foreign investment, as a percentage, of all G7 nations yet it has the 2nd largest real estate market (Note, it used to be the largest real estate market until the 2008 – 2010 downturn).  China is now first.

The primary reason for this, based on analysis work done by people much smarter than me, is that the US Government creates disincentives for it.

The main issue is FIRPTA (Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act), which taxes capital gains to foreign investors at an additional rate of 10% on top of all other taxes, plus a few other gotchas.

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Tell Your Kids They Are Amazing Every Day

I just came back from a marketing education event call Yanik Silver’s Ultimate Undergound 6 in Maryland last weekend.  It was a great event and had tons of super valuable applications for my businesses.

It had something a whole more powerful than that for me though.

Throughout the 4 days you are exposed to several internet entrepreneurs.  All are making at or over the 7 digit mark in Gross Revenue and in a lot of the cases on a net basis too.   There was a very common theme throughout every single speaker’s “story.”

It was this… [Read more…]