Sales Persistence Lessons from Dr. Seuss

Sales_and_Dr_SeussWhen’s the last time you read Green Eggs and Ham?

I just re-read it for the umpteenth time with my four year old son and it finally dawned on me.  Slow learner I know…

I came to the realization that Green Eggs and Ham is an astute lesson on  the theory of repetition and persistence.

Sales and Marketing sometimes get confused but here’s a quick way to think about.  Marketing gets em interested.  Sales gets the checks.

The better your marketing the less you need to focus on sales and vice versa.  If you’re good at both, then you’ll own you niche.

Green Eggs and Ham is a sales book.  It’s the Glenn Gary Glenn Ross of the pre-school set.  I mean, Sam gives the poor victim 14 explicit and different offers to try the product.  14.

When was the last time you made 14 explicit unique offers to your prospects?  What would happen to your results if you did?

Coffee is for closers.

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