Tell Your Kids They Are Amazing Every Day

I just came back from a marketing education event call Yanik Silver’s Ultimate Undergound 6 in Maryland last weekend.  It was a great event and had tons of super valuable applications for my businesses.

It had something a whole more powerful than that for me though.

Throughout the 4 days you are exposed to several internet entrepreneurs.  All are making at or over the 7 digit mark in Gross Revenue and in a lot of the cases on a net basis too.   There was a very common theme throughout every single speaker’s “story.”

It was this…

  1. None of them came from money.  Not a single one.
  2. While they may have had different family dynamics (two parents, single-parent, other), there was almost always at lease one parent or family figure “present” for them.
  3. They were told that they could do anything they want.  To never give-up.  That nothing could stop them.

As parents, we are our kids heroes.

I think some folks forget that, because the honor isn’t earned by performance…only biology.

What are you telling your kids?  Do they hear that you love them…are proud of them…and that they are unstoppable?

I think that a lot of folks get the first two right.

Don’t forget the last.

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